Ethics + Sustainability

Siren Sais is a slow fashion label.

We create bold, simple, and timeless pieces in limited editions specializing in (but not limited to) silk, linen and leather. Our promise is we will always use natural, biodegradable fabrics. Here's how we are doing our bit:


+ All dresses so far are crafted from organic silk and linen mostly from dead stock.

+ Leather bags are made from recycled leather scraps with 100% silk lining. No three bags are the same!

+ Shipped in organic and recycled packaging from Eco Enclose.

+ We have abolished fashion forecasting and seasons. We refuse to churn out product for the sake of surviving archaic industry practices that otherwise pollute the earth. 


+ Workers are paid properly and fairly in-house, in our studio, and in partnership with Panâh Project, Barry Martin Fashions and Meg Parry Studios, all of which exist and produce ethically in Industry City and The Garment District of New York City and in Melbourne, Australia.


+ Accessible to a wide range of people, our collections and pieces are body inclusive, focusing on flattering designs for people of all ages, colour and shapes.

Sustainability is about setting the right tone for the future. It's about changing the needs and expectations of consumerism, not only environmentally, but through humanitarian and social practices that will hopefully, one day, be implemented by every single person on the planet. That's why we believe in full transparency when it comes to production and manufacturing. For further questions, please reach out to